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About mi.o - modern italian network

mi.o is a welcoming community for all people passionate about experiencing modern Italian culture. mi.o welcomes all people passionate about Italy, anywhere in the world.

We welcome all people passionate about Italy to learn from experts and community members about Italian culture including how to improve health, diet and overall wellness; how to prepare and enjoy Italian food; how to experience Italy through travel; how to communicate in Italian; and truly how to embrace and experience Italian culture.  

Why You Should Join Us

As a mi.o member, you will be able to share you passion for Italy and the Italian way of life through your participation in our vibrant community website, participation in live video and in-person local events, and have access to exclusive online courses from experts of Italian culture.  Most importantly, you will meet people who share your passion for Italy and hopefully make new friends and who knows, maybe even travel to Italy together!


mi.o means "my" and "mine" in Italian and our hope is that you will help to make mi.o the best place to experience Italian culture and the Italian way of life by making it yours.

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