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mi.o creates innovative, fun, and effective ways for its global community of people passionate about Italy to learn to speak Italian confidently.

The mi.o Italian Speaking Program is NOT another Italian class - it is a program designed for adult learners who want to be effective in communicating in Italian and have fun learning to do so! 

Learn to Speak Italian Confidently while having fun with Others


Learning a second language takes dedication and persistence. This group is designed to keep you engaged, motivated, and having fun! Whether you want to learn the basics, become conversational, or have a consistent live interaction, this group is for you!  


Designed for "real life" discussions around themes and activities to assist in your journey to complete fluency in Italian


Specifically designed to help people build confidence and to speak Italian.  

Learn Italian at your own pace through:

Native Italian Moderation - 80+ Hours of moderated Live Italian Conversation each year (~8 hours per month) from fluent speakers of Italian, including a qualified, native Italian instructor. 

Customized Italian Grammar microlezioni (micro-lessons)  available "on-demand" - recorded each week and tailored to the specific needs of the group.  Currently over 100 on-demand lessons and growing!

Weekly virtual conversational sessions with other members, facilitated by mi.o to encourage a lot of active participation and practice, tailored to any level of Italian language fluency (and they are a lot of fun!)

Writing challenges and assignments to help you apply what you are learning.  Show off your skills and post these onto the group page and receive feedback.

Live Interaction with Native Italians: meet native Italians with whom you will speak Italian and learn about Italian culture!

Online games and trivia because we're never too old to play!

Peer-to-peer messaging for practicing Italian anytime: Informal and regular online chatting is a great way to stay consistent. You can use the "buddy system" and communicate with other group members for private conversations to encourage and support one another. Just use the chat feature on our website.

An open forum: "When do I use the article il versus lo?" You're not in this alone! Pose questions to the group about the challenges you are facing.

Access to popular resources used by other members: nothing better than recommendations from people you trust, right? Feel free to share your own favorite tools you've discovered along the way, too.

Membership also includes:

Membership to the mi.o community which includes Italian culture-centric posts and discussions, live and on-demand interviews and events to explore Italian culture and meet interesting people, exclusive offers of Italian-related products and services, and use of the mi.o community and its content for Italy travel planning, recommendations for Italian products, and sharing your Italy and Italian culture experiences with other people passionate about Italy! 

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Membership to the mi.o community is FREE.

If you are interested in learning to speak Italian confidently, then navigate to the Parliamo Insieme Italiano! Group within mi.o.  There are two subscription options: monthly and annually.  
Try for Free with our 14-day free trial period 
(up to 6 hours of facilitated Italian speaking for free).  

Select "Request to Join" above to enter the mi.o community.  
Membership to the mi.o community is FREE.

mi.o is and has always been a community open to anyone interested in Italian culture.  We do not discriminate in any way and positively encourage anyone from any cultural or national background to learn about and assimilate Italian culture.  We believe that you are like us: enamored with Italian culture, insatiable in wanting to understand it, and forever attempting to live as if in Italy wherever you call home. 

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