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A community for all people passionate about Italy

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Benvenuti (welcome)!

mi.o is a community for all people passionate about Italy. 

mi.o provides a mature and modern way for members to share their passion for Italy, learn about Italian culture, and even adopt Italian ways of life to lead happier and healthier lives.

Lively Community. Members Sharing Experiences. Reliable Recommendations.

If you could go anywhere in Italy tomorrow with no travel, money, or time constraints, where would you go and what would you do?

What is one Italian meal that makes you think of a loved one and why?  

Which one characteristic makes Italians so charming and relatable? 

Dedicated Open and Fee-Based Groups. Learning Online. Having Fun. Together.

Italian Longevity and 
Happiness Group (Open Group)

Learn Italian secrets to living long, healthy, and happy lives: group support, activities, Italian experts.

Parliamo Insieme
Italian Speaking Group

Participate in 4 hours each month of facilitated Italian language conversation, dedicated resource group, expert guidance.

Authentic Italian. Paid Experiences. Learn a New Skill.

 Italian Cooking
and Language Classes

Learn to prepare authentic Italian recipes
from Italian experts.

Learn or improve your Italian with formal Italian language instruction from qualified 
and experienced teachers.

Exclusive Offers. Italian Companies. Expert Advice.

Meet experts of all aspects of Italian culture and enjoy exclusive mi.o community offers

Membership is free to Italian companies.  Please contact us if interested at mio @ modernitalian.org .

mi.o è una comunità online di persone appassionate dell’Italia: il nostro scopo è di permettere ai soci di approfondire il loro rapporto con questo meraviglioso Paese, attraverso la sua gente, la sua bellezza e la sua cultura.    

Vi invitiamo a partecipare sia come
individuo o come azienda.

L'iscrizione è gratuita per le aziende italiane. Vi preghiamo di contattarci per ulteriori informazioni a mio @ modernitalian.org

Regular Italian Culture Seminars

Regular seminars with Italian experts and expert mi.o members to discover Italy and Italian culture, as well as learn how to achieve your Italian-related dreams, for example, planning the trip of a lifetime, obtaining Italian citizenship, or selecting the best Italian products for your home.

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