mi.o brings Italy to you and into your life

Connect with experts, learn the language, and discover the culture with innovative online events


mi.o creates innovative, fun, and effective ways for its global community of people passionate about Italy to experience and embody authentic Italian culture.

Explore the beauty and diversity of Italy with exclusive online events, experiences, and offers.

Connect with people from around the world who share your love of Italy, learn from our Italian experts, and get insider information to help you plan your next trip or Italian meal.

Learn to Speak Italian confidently by joining our subscription-based group, designed for adult learners of Italian or participate in our many on-demand courses.

mi.o is and has always been a community open to anyone interested in Italian culture.  We do not discriminate in any way and positively encourage anyone from any cultural or national background to learn about and assimilate Italian culture.  We believe that you are like us: enamored with Italian culture, insatiable in wanting to understand it, and forever attempting to live as if in Italy wherever you call home.  

We all do this ultimately because it makes us happy.

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